05 November 2011


Its a miracle to me when I realize that you are mine now. I was so happy cause I already got you in my arms. I wont let my arms open cause I dont want you to go from me again for twice. Its hurts baby. I cant bear to live in this world without you now. Im saying this from deep inside my heart and with my sincerity. Amir Hamzah is a person who can gimme all I wanted for in this life. Even he said he just a person who can love me with all his heart but to me he is a guardian angle that sent from above. Thank to god. Im crying when wrote this cause I cant describes this feeling with just a words and feels like dying when thinking how to tell him this. Words can lie but heart cant aite? So MR AMIR HAMZAH, I wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart and not just a words.

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